Non-boring, playfully packed lunches that kids love to eat!

Lunch Punch is an Aussie brand on a mission to make lunchtimes fun with rad ideas for edible creations.

We offer simple, practical solutions to lunchtime problems with our range of playful products.

Kids delight in opening their lunch box to find the new and surprising ways their favourite foods are presented – we’ve banished boring from our tables and replaced it with laughter and joy!

The Lunch Punch products are a fabulous upsell for customers purchasing a lunch box or dinnerware from your store.

Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters

Lunch Punch sandwich cutters transform boring sandwiches into fun lunches kids want to eat!

Taller than a cookie cutter to keep your sandwich light and fluffy, our sandwich cutters are also specially designed to leave only the crust – minimising waste.

Not just for sandwiches, our cutters are also perfect for playdough, cookies, pancakes, fruit, wraps and pizza!

Lunch Punch sandwich cutters are available in a variety of popular themes including our top sellers Unicorn, Dinosaur and Puzzles.

Here’s why our Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters are so rad:

Taller than a cookie cutter, to keep your sandwich light and fluffy.

Designed to leave only the crust, minimising waste.

Fun, on trend themed sets.

Designed to fit in all the popular bento lunch boxes.

BPA, Phthalate, lead and PVC free.

Dishwasher safe!

fork & spoon sets by lunch punch

Sticky fingers be gone! Our Lunch Punch Spoon and Fork Set has been designed to fit perfectly into the popular bento boxes to bring a splash of colour to lunches – without the fuss! With little hands in mind, the set is the perfect addition to the lunchbox, or while out and about! Mix and match with our Stix and Wrap Bands to bring the full rainbow of colours to lunchtime!

Here’s why our Lunch Punch Fork & Spoon Sets are so rad:

8cm in length

Fit perfectly in bento boxes

Lightweight & portable

Avoid sticky fingers after eating

Set of three sets

PE plastic, BPA & dishwasher safe

WRAP BANDs by lunch punch

Keep it together with our Lunch Punch Silicone Wrap Bands! Wrap together not just wraps but hotdogs, mini burgers, crepes or veggie sticks! The easy to use lock in closure makes munching a breeze for little hands. Mix and match with our Stix and Fork and Spoon Sets to bring the full rainbow of colours to lunchtime!

Here’s why our Lunch Punch Wrap Bands are so rad:

16cm length

Keeps wraps together

Lock in closure

100% food-grade platinum silicone


BPA Free & dishwasher safe

Stix By Lunch Punch

Make food stacks of fun with Lunch Punch ‘Stix’ food kebab sticks! Create irresistible, edible combinations of fun stacked on a star topped kebab Stix, and in just moments turn lunch from dull to devoured!

Here’s why our Lunch Punch Stix are so rad:

10cm length.

No more messy fingers.

Food is more fun on a stick!

Also great for holding together burgers, wraps and pinwheels.

Independently safety tested

BPA Free & dishwasher safe


Separate food within a lunchbox – in a bright, fun way!

Pack more variety – snacks, dips, sauces and sides all in perfect portions to fill hungry tummies.

Our unique zig-zag edges expand and fit a variety of lunchbox sizes.

Bundle together with our Fork & Spoon, Wrap Bands and Stix for a complete bento fun set!

Here’s why our Lunch Punch Jumbo Silicone Cups are so rad:

Large, flexible size.

Expandable zig-zag edges.

Pack more variety within a lunch box.

Bundle together with our other bento accessories for a matching set!

Independently safety tested

BPA Free & dishwasher safe

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