MontiiCo LUnch Time Essentials

Epic everyday essentials, keeping Aussie families cool.

The wildly popular MontiiCo range of lunchtime essentials includes a collection of Insulated Lunch Bags, Food Jars and Silicone Pack & Snack Bags.

We know lunchtimes – and our products not only look stylish, they do what they say they do, and are built to last!

With one-of-a-kind prints & vibrant colours, our lunchtime essentials range is designed to pair with a matching Drink Bottle & bumper, for the coolest lunch in the playground.


Our flagship product – the MontiiCo Insulated Lunch bag has fast become a cult favourite and continues to sell-out worldwide.

It’s easy to see why – with 8 hours of cooling from the included gel ice-pack, housed in a dedicated pocket, our lunch bags outperform any others on the market.

The large flexible size works with most of the popular bento lunch boxes, and our carefully considered, in-house designed prints bundle to create the perfect matchy-matchy set.

Here’s why our MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bags are so rad:

Durable fabrics (they passed the rough + tumble test with flying colours).

Machine washable.

Thick, high quality insulation to keep food fresher for longer.

Large, flexible design for more room to pack lunch.

Self-contained gel ice-pack, that's independently certified as food safe.

Separate pocket for the ice pack. No condensation = less soggy food.


The Montii Insulated Food Jar is ready for lunchtime! #nohungerpangs. Need your winter’s lunch toasty hot or summer salad crispy cold?

It’s Montii to the rescue and with his flip-up handle, he’ll ensure no tasty morsels will get left inside, even for little hands!

Rough and tumble ready? You betcha! His silicone bumper keeps his bottom bump-safe, he’ll carry the hottest lunch in the playground for you… literally!

Here’s why our MontiiCo Insulated Food Jars are so rad:

400ml capacity.

Scratch & dent resistant finish.

Wide mouth opening - for easy use & cleaning.

Flip up handle, easy to carry & open.

Vacuum insulated stainless steel.

5 hours of warming.


Keepin’ fresh while lookin’ sweet! Pack and snack – coz’ hangry ain’t fun for no-one.

He’s as handy as they come. Not just for snacks we say! Smoothie prep, frozen berries, single-serve leftovers, medical kit… You’re getting the picture right?

Keeping fresher for longer. Single plastics be gone, MontiiCo Pack & Snack is on the block.

Here’s why our MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags are so rad:

400ml capacity.

100% platinum quality food grade silicone.

Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Handy handles for easy opening.

Firm close.

BPA free.

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