MontiiCo Bottles & Cups

Epic everyday essentials, keeping Aussie families cool.

Our mission is to create fun, practical and reusable products which make your lives a little bit easier and the world a bit more plastic-free.

The MontiiCo Bottle & Cup range are made from double-walled stainless steel, with a durable textured finish designed to keep your water colder, your coffee hotter – and your desk free from condensation.

With a wide variety of sizes and colours, and an extensive accessories range – there really is something in the range for the whole family.


The MontiiCo Drink Bottle range is made for stylish + adventurous types who like to hang in cool company. Available in sizes ranging from 350ml to 1L, the range has a bottle suited to every thirst.

With a wide-mouth opening to allow for chunky ice cubes, and stainless steel double-walled insulation, the MontiiCo Drink Bottle range will keep your drink fresh and cool all day long.

Customers can mix and match from our huge silicone bumper and lid range to personalise their bottle to match their style, their team or even just today’s outfit!

Here’s why our MontiiCo Drink Bottles are so rad:

Upto 24 hours of cool and hot.

Vacuum insulated stainless steel.

Wide range of colours and sizes available.

Wide mouthed opening, easily fits ice cubes.

Mix and match with bumpers and lids to personalise.

Condensation free, leak-proof sipping!


The MontiiCo Coffee Cup range is far from ordinary – keeping your morning beverage seriously hot in more ways than one!

The double-walled insulation keeps your morning brew toasty warm for hours -while being cool to touch on the outside!

Available in mini, regular and mega sizes, there is a Coffee Cup in the MontiiCo range to suit every #startyourdaytonic .

Paired perfectly with a matching drink bottle, smoothie cup and accessories – our Coffee Cups are the perfect year-round gifting range.

Here’s why our MontiiCo Coffee Cups are so rad:

Available in Mega, Regular and and Mini Sizes.

Cool to touch - but keeps your brew toasty and warm!

Matching drink bottles and smoothie cups - gifting gold!

Condensation & mess free sipping!

Vacuum insulated stainless steel.

Textured food-safe paint finish.

MOntiiCo Smoothie Cups

Not just for smoothies, the MontiiCo Smoothie Cup range is perfect for juice, infused water, iced-tea, milkshakes and more!

With a tapered shape that fits easily in regular car cup holders, this insulated Smoothie Cup will keep your beverage cool and fresh on the run.  There‚Äôs no worry of smashing or spilling a drop, with the screw-on lid, and included lock in stainless steel straw for mess-free sipping.

Available in original and mini sizes and a wide variety of colours, the MontiiCo Smoothie Cup range is complemented by a coordinating reusable straw range.

Here’s why our MontiiCo Smoothie Cups are so rad:

Available in Original and Mini Sizes.

Insulated for cool, fresh smoothies.

Included stainless steel straw that locks in place.

Condensation & mess free sipping!

Vacuum insulated stainless steel.

Textured food-safe paint finish.

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